All you need to know about Single-Ply Roofing Systems

“Single-ply roofing” refers to membranes made of synthetic rubber, thermoplastic, or modified bitumen. A single-ply roof is attached to the roof deck with mechanical fasteners, adhesives, or both. Despite being relatively easy to install and repair, single-ply roofing systems are popular because they are available in a wide range of colors and thicknesses. Single-ply roofing membrane is a type of synthetic roofing material made of only one layer. The material is typically used on commercial and industrial buildings because of its durability and ability to withstand wear and tear. It is also very easy to install single-ply roofing membranes, making them a popular choice among building owners.

Choosing whether to install a single-ply roofing membrane depends on a number of factors. One factor to consider is the initial cost and installation of the membrane. There are also climate factors to consider, as some membranes are better suited to some climates than others. Furthermore, the warranty and the expected lifespan of the membrane should be considered. A single-ply roofing membrane should be installed based on your specific circumstances, rather than a general recommendation.

Most commonly, single-ply roofing membranes are used on commercial and industrial buildings, but they can also be used on residential buildings. A wide variety of materials are available, including thermoplastic polyolefins (TPOs), ethylene propylene diene terpolymers (EPDM), and chlorosulfonated polyethylenes (CSPs). It is easy to install and maintain single-ply roofs, and they are generally more cost-effective than other types of roofs.

Single-ply roofing membranes are durable, easy to install, and more affordable than you might think. Professional installers at Evergreen Roofing can guide you through the installation process, even if you are inexperienced. A single-ply roofing membrane is a great option if you are in the market for a new roof.

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