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Who Does Metal Roof Restoration in Findlay, Kenton & Lima, OH?

Bontrager Roofing, LLC installs MR roofing systems at your commercial property in Lima, Findlay & Kenton, OH

An MR roofing system employs a waterproofing process for metal roofs. During the roof restoration process, the entire roof is cleaned to remove any rust and dirt. The roof is then primed with a rust inhibitor within 24 hours of the cleaning. Once the fasteners are reinforced with caulk and seams are embedded with fabric, a base coat is applied to your entire metal roof. The top coat reflects 85 percent of the sun’s rays.

Contact Bontrager Roofing, LLC to learn more about MR roofing systems.

5 benefits of MR roofing systems

Having an MR roofing system installed on your facility's metal roof offers numerous benefits, including:

  1. Stopping leaks
  2. Inhibiting rust
  3. Increasing energy efficiency
  4. Extending the life of your roof
  5. Offering protection from wind and hail

Installing a new layer atop your existing roof also helps cover any flaws. Hire Bontrager Roofing to install a roofing system you can rely on in Lima & Findlay, OH.

How our Process Works

1. Spray rust off down and wait 10 minutes to give it time to work
2. Pressure wash it w with a turbo tip with 4,000 psi
3. Spray our Metal Ready Encase Primer down
4. Butly Tape the horizontal seams and Kwik Kaulk over the tape
5. All vertical seams get 3 inch fabric embedded in Base Coat and brushed to get all air bubbles and wrinkles out
6. Kaulk all screws with Kwik Kaulk shaped as a Hershey kiss
7. Spray Top Coat at 2 gallons a square

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